Kristen Hogentogler



I am a forward thinking multidisciplinary design and marketer whose work is dedicated to the creation and upholding of modern, contemporary aesthetic. I rely on concept to fuel the integrity of design, and appropriate ideas and simple forms into a cohesive entity. I believe that design should never transcend concept, but rather couple one another. 

My strongest influences are conversations with others as well as the dichotomy of man vs design and the role it plays in man's life. My body of work is an archive of perpetual dialogues between man and product. A concept must be simple, and the tangible matter must be designed extraordinarily to fit the ordinary.

Services range from ideation, concept development, creative thinking to execution/roll-out, brand strategy, positioning, vision and purpose. My areas include but are not limited to digital, print, nontraditional and experiential. 

I studied at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL where I majored in Advertising Design, specializing as an Art Director. During the day, I help make art, design and culture better. In the evening, I fancy myself a crazy cat lady, master chef and exercise guru. 

Résumé available upon request.